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Welcome to “Effective Self Improvement” (Superación Efectiva)

A friendly site for your personal improvement, your well-being is very important to us.
Self-Improvement Videos seen in 165 countries by thousands of people, businesses and families.

by tens of thousands of people, businesses and families. Books oriented towards a quantum improvement of your potential.
Welcome here a place with valuable resources for your personal development and attract well-being to your life.
Johnny Bardavid.

In this section two series of videos for your personal support

I invite you to watch these videos. They are part of a group called: “Abundance & Well being series”.

My intention is to help those who are interested in their self development with other tools focused mainly on every day life, using The Law of Universal Attraction as it´s base.

The other group called “A Minute to Change Lives” is focused primarily on attitudes and behaviors that may harm us or help us. I hope they´ll be interesting and useful for you.